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Mari Bercerita

salam semua
salam jumaat
moge hari ni membawa keceriaan pada diri korang 
nas demam
semalam MC
but hari ni gagahkan kaki utk poie koje
walau sangat tak selesa
ok jom kite layan story nak x
jom jom jommmmmmmmmm

The Obidient Baby Frog

Once Upon a time there lived a mother Frog and its baby frog. The mother frog loved the baby frog very much.She looked after the baby frog very well.
They had an enemy. The enemy was Mr Snake.
       "If you see Mr Snake, run away as fast as possible!" advised the Mother Frog.
       "Okay, mother"said the baby frog
Mr snake was always looking to eat frogs. He found frogs very tasty.
One afternoon, Mr Snake saw the baby frog playing beside a lake. He was very happy. So he started to move towards the baby frogs.
The baby frog had a felling that someone was watching her. So she turned and looked She saw Mr Snake. With one leapt, She got into her house. Luckily she was playing near the house. Though the baby frog was in the house, She was worried. Her mother was not at home. She had gone out looking for food.
Mr Snake tried to get into the house but he could not get into the frog hole. So he decide to camp outside the frog hole.
      "I will wait here.This frog has to come out sooner or latter"he said with a smile.
By noon, the mother frog returned. She was shocked to see the snake camping outside her house.
She knew the snake had tried to eat her baby.Something needed to be done to save her baby. 
An idea came to her when she saw a rock on top of her house. She moved behind  the rock and pushed it onto the snake's tail. The snake got up and screamed in pain.
     "Ouch Ouchhhhh! Oh! It's Painful" cried Mr Snake and he moved away quickly.
The mother frog was relieved and happy. She had saved her baby from Mr Snake.
The baby frog also happy. She had obeyed her mother. If she had not obeyed her mother, she would have been eaten by Mr. Snake.

ok sekian untuk 
story mory hari ini yerpppp
jumpe lagi di lain hari

love uolllsssssss


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