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Happy Postcrossing 1St

Salam and hi friends . ok today i want sharing i received the first postcard... yeayyyy.... i am so happy because my postcard i recived very cute... i like... 


Leilley, BelarusUsername: Leilley
Country: Belarus Belarus
Sent on: 7 Mar, 2015 

i get this postcard from her so cool n cutes...


"happy postcrossing Leilley and have a nice day"

Happy Postcrossing 6rd

this my 6rd postcard i sent.

Sent to

AliKira, CanadaUsername: AliKira
Country: Canada Canada
Received on: 21 Apr, 2015


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Distance: 12,922 km
Travel time: 23 days
"happy postcrossing 6rd"