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The Princess Of Mount Ophir

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ok2 today 
i want write about
i m not create the story book
but just share with you
about this story

i don't know
who author this book
the publisher is kohwai & young
And The Series Book Is
Malaysian Legend Series

The Princess Of Mount Ophir

      There once was an old hunter named Kelembai. He had a beautiful dughter called Puteri Bongsu. They Lived at the foothills of Pahang.
        One Day , a fox stole all the animals from Kelembai's traps. Kelembai hunted down the fox with his dog. Finally, the fox was killed.


    At dawn, Puteri Bongsu helped her father to put the fox on a spit over the fire. Suddenly the stomach of the fox started to swell like a ballon---- then it exployed! The blast from the stomach flung PuteriBingsu and her father far away through the air.
      Puteri Bongsu landed at the foot of mount Ophir, Mount Ophir was rulled by Raja Harimau, The kings of Tigers. He was so big that seven clumps of pandanus shrub grew on his head. Puteri Bongsu was still unconscious when Raja Harimau found her.

     Three days later, Puteri Bongsu awoke. She had a terrible fright when she saw Raja Harimau.
The king of Tiger told her how he had found her. "i want you to marry my son, Raja Muda, tonight" The lovely young lady really had no choice but to agree.
   When it was dark, Puteri Bongsu saw people just like herself preparing for the wedding. There were no tigers to be seen!
   Then she realized she was in the magical kingdom of Mount Ophir -- A place where the people turned into tigers by day and back to people by night.
     So the night, she was married. She lived happily with her husband, Who, it turned out, was a very handsome and wise prince

   A few years later. Puteri Bongsu gave birth to a daughter. The baby was named Puteri Embong. She was so beautiful that was called The Princess Of Mount Ophir.
      When the Princess became a woman, She gained magical powers. Wherever she was, fruits, flowers, birds and fish would dance laugh and sing just for her

  One day the sultan of Malacca heard about the princess's beauty and magical powers. Immediately, he sent out this best warrious to find her
       After several years, one of the warrious found the enchanted by four maidens. The warrior told the girl that his Sultan wanted to marry the princess. One of the girl promised to take the royal request to the Princess.
    The Girl soon returned and said that be Princess was willing but only if the Sultan could do there things. First, he must build bridge of pure gold from his palace to Mount Ophir. Second, He must collect trays of mosquito hearts. And finally, he must offer the princess a bowl of his own blood 

 When The warrious took this message back to their Sultan, he was dumbfounded. He was ready to do everything she demamded except tm give his blood. At last he gave up the idea of marrying the princess Of Mount Ophir.
    Since then, No One ever tired to win the People Princess's hand in marriage. Some old people says  that on nights when the moon is full,The Princess Of Mount Ophir comes down to the Rompin river to have a bath. They say that the place  where she bathes becomes an enchanted, and the fish of the river sing to the moon all night

ok finished'

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